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Brass Clipboards used with the Dow Jones White Slips

Before any of the wooden clipboards,  a brass clipboard (1890-1910) was offered to customers of the Dow-Jones News Bulletins, known as the white slips.

Too heavy and awkward to hold in one hand, and impossible to use as a writing surface, they simply attached to the wall. They became a center piece for brokers and their clients, and the Dow-Jones messengers could simply run in, post a bulletin to the board, and run out, without having to personally track down the customer.

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Early customers (1897-1913) of the Broad Tape Ticker were also subscribers to the white slip bulletins, so there was no need for a separate ticker clipboard. When the wooden clipboards came out for use on the later tickers, a shorter 12" version was created for customers who only subscribed to the 5x9 white slips.

Widely-known as the "white slips," the Dow, Jones News bulletins are found in every important financial office in New York City. They supplement the Dow, Jones Electric Page Ticker, giving fuller comparative and detailed reports. The printed Bulletins, about nine by five inches, are turned out by specially constructed fast presses.

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