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Clipboards used with the Dow Jones News Ticker

Each Dow Jones Ticker came with a clipboard and scissors.  As the paper tape rolled out, clients would cut it off in two-foot lengths and clip it on the board for all to reference.

A special hook below the plaque held the clipboard.  The user could tilt the board up to read, without removing it from the hook.  As you can see here, the resulting swinging action could often scratch up a ticker.

As more machine models developed, Dow Jones produced either short (18") or long (24") clipboards for use with their different height tickers.  But the longer one was discontinued and later tickers only came with short boards.

Both had green felt backing


They also produced a 12" wood clipboard (1910-1948) exclusively for their 5x9 white slip news bulletin clients, but they were never used for the tickers.

Before any of the wooden clipboards,  a brass clipboard (1890-1910) attached to the wall.


The bronze holding clip of the wooden board read "Dow, Jones & Co. / The Wall Street Journal" and depicted Mercury (messenger of the gods) with two rams' heads.  The design changed very little over the decades, but there are a few differences.

1920-1948 Dow, Jones & Co. (with comma between Dow Jones)


1930-1948 Dow Jones & Co. (without comma between Dow Jones)


1948-1955 Dow, Jones & Co. (with comma between Dow Jones)


1950-1970 Dow, Jones & Co. (with comma between Dow Jones)

The easiest way to tell them apart is by the small square above the ram.


The oldest example (1910-1920) simply read "Dow Jones News Service"


The horns of the two rams conceal some nasty looking spikes.


Some of their decorative models from the early 1930's had a nickel-plated clip on the clipboard.

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