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Scissors used with the Dow Jones News Ticker

Each Dow Jones Ticker came with a clipboard and scissors.  As the paper tape rolled out, clients would cut it off in two-foot lengths and clip it on the board for all to reference.

While Dow-Jones produced their own ticker machines, the scissors were provided by The Clauss Shear Company of Fremont, Ohio (later became the Clauss Cutlery Company).  Clauss was the "Cadillac of Cutlery" and a pair of their Model 3769 office shears cost the equivalent of $30 in today's money.

Dow-Jones Scissor Holster Clauss 9" Office Shears

The Clauss #3769 measured 9-1/4" x 2-5/8" overall, with a thin half inch blade, and cut all the way to the tip.

In the scissors industry, 9 & 10-inch office shears were often advertised as Bankers Shears or Editors Shears.


Clauss 3769 logos

The scissors were attached to the ticker with a safety chain which was 100 links long.  These "100 links" totaled about 3'-9" to 3'-10" in length.  

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