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Self Winding  #3,632


J H Bunnell & Co., NY eBay Dec 2010
This is an Edison 35-A glass dome stock ticker. I purchased it from the grandson of the original owner who was a W. U. employee. It is in beautiful condition. The lettering and gold stripe on the iron base is excellent. The iron base has no damage or repairs. The machine looks to be in original condition. There is still paper on the reel. The glass dome is original with wavy glass and an air bubble or two. The rubber gasket on the bottom edge of the glass has been replaced with black tape. The wood stand or cabinet looks like it was refinished at one time. The top of the door has a few small veneer chips. There is a piece of duct tape on the bottom inside of the door which is covering some veneer damage. (I didn't try to remove it) There is a small paint smudge on the top edge of the cabinet. There is a conduit pipe inside the cabinet from the original wiring. The door closes correctly and the cabinet sits straight.

The wood base measures 14" x 14" x 39.5" tall and it weighs about 30 pounds.
The ticker measures 8" x 8" by 11" tall and weighs about 20 pounds.


I've had several questions about this item. I've added 15 pictures for your inspection. The iron base for the wooden stand is missing and it has been replaced with a wooden base. There are 4 iron brackets on the bottom corners inside the cabinet that would have been used to attach the cabinet to the iron base. The iron base may have been used for scrap metal during WWII. The top of the door has a few veneer chips and there is veneer damage on the bottom inside of the door. This area has duct tape over it. The conduit inside the cabinet is plastic. The cabinet appears to be mahogany and it has been refinished in the past. The ticker is marked JH Bunnell & Co, New York U. S. A. 3632. The ticker has a brass horizontal cross piece with 2 open bolt holes. It is below the side with the 35-A model tag. (see 13th picture below) I hope this information helps.



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