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Self Winding  #9,438 35-A T A Edison, Inc eBay Feb 2010

2010 AUCTION DESCRIPTION: This authentic model 35A, Self- Winding Stock Ticker, serial number 9438, was manufactured by T.A. Edison, Inc. in the early 1900s.  It has been on display in my home for over 40 years. I purchased it in the late 1960s from a New York department store, (I believe it was Hammacher Schlemmer), that apparently acquired a quantity of them after they were retired from service. A removable descriptive brass plate was added prior to placing them on sale (see photos, including one with plate removed - it can be displayed either way). This stock ticker is in exactly the same condition as the day I bought it and nothing was done to polish, restore or alter the workings in any way. The glass dome is the same one that was included when I bought it and I believe it to be original. It does not have an ink box or tape spool which were not included when I bought it - these items can be added if desired as reproductions of both items are available online.

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